The Challenges of Working at Home

The Challenges of Working at Home

Heather Blaha
Oct 28, 2008

Janel's post on the Simple Joys of Working at Home was so positive, so inspiring, and true for myself as well (except I don't have a Beatrix!). While I love it and appreciate it, I find that all too often I notice and stress over the challenges more than appreciate the joys. In an effort to work through the challenges and figure out easier ways to deal, here we go with my list (I'm going to balance each challenge, though, with a joy, to keep from being a downer):

The Challenges:

  • A lack of structure that ensures proper lunch and break times. It's easy to get wrapped up and look up at the clock at 2pm, starving. (The Joy: I can eat any time that works for me, or run out on a whim. No noon-1pm required lunch hour. I remember a job where we weren't allowed to eat at any other time but noon.)

  • I make a full pot of coffee in the morning and drink way too much of it throughout the day. This coffee habit only started when I began working from home. (The Joy: I never buy coffee on the go, saving me lots of money.)

  • Not knowing when to turn off a long day - or turn off the computer. (The Joy: Having the option to work at night if the day fills up too fast.)

  • Getting really tired of being at home for hours on end, day in and day out, with lots of nights in too! (The Joy: Being able to up and go for a walk, errand, or even a movie on a slow day... whenever I feel like it.)

  • A lack of co-worker socialization, at times. (The Joy: It's easier to stay much more focused and get a lot done when co-workers aren't stopping by to tell you about their weekend.)

Image above shows Nicole and Brandon's home office. Check out that and and lots of work-at-home inspiration in the Hard Working Home Offices Roundup.

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