Tech Wellness Tip: Set Phone Alarms for Hydration Nudges

Tech Wellness Tip: Set Phone Alarms for Hydration Nudges

Taryn Williford
Oct 5, 2011

We know getting plenty of water is important for your body and its overall health. A sufficient water intake can help with weight loss, keep energy up and give your skin a healthy glow. The trouble is remembering to guzzle down enough water during the day. That's where your tech comes in handy. Take just 2 minutes right now to set a "Hydration Nudge" reminder.

This isn't a write-up of an iPhone-only app, or a push to go out any buy some battery-powered uni-tasker. This is simply an easy and free health tech tip that a fitness-minded friend passed along.

Lately, our water intake has been more like a binge-and-purge. After a busy workday—where we barely remembered to eat lunch let alone drink 8-10 glasses of water—we'll guzzle down several make-up glasses at the end of the night. But the benefits of drinking enough water are best enjoyed if you space your water intake throughout the day.

That's why we suggest you take a few minutes to set a hydration nudge on your cell phone. It's the perfect use of your bring-everywhere technology. Since you carry your phone around with you everywhere, it'll serve as a sort of personal nutrition assistant (No Siri necessary). Just use your cell's built-in alarm and set several alerts, spaced an hour or two apart, that remind you to guzzle down a small glass of H2O.

Not sure how much water you need? Tech comes to the rescue again! Try out this online calculator from

(Top Image: Flickr member Iain Browne licensed for use under Creative Commons)

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