Southwest #3: tgaitahoo's Green Dream

Southwest #3: tgaitahoo's Green Dream

Gregory Han
Oct 1, 2008

Name: tgaitahoo
Location: Santa Ana, CA
Type of Home: Single Family Residence

What inspired you to use color? Colors affect the way that I feel. They also noticeably affect other people's emotions. I am confident of this because no one ever walks into my house without expressing an emotion about the colors I have chosen. My entryway takes you into my dining room, to the right is my kitchen, to the left is my living room. They're are open and connected to each other, and they are each a different shade of lime green. This color matches EVERYTHING! Of course it would: it's green like leaves to any color of flower, it's green like the stem of the pumpkin leaves in fall, it's green like Christmas in the winter and it's passionate like Valentines Day. Also very fun to mix Mexican colors. It's so fun! It's been three years and I am still exploring new combinations with it.

Color Tip: Find a color that makes you feel alive and wakes you up! So many things in this world brings us down, our living space should not be one of them. Search that color out in different settings and see what it does for the environment that it is in, when you realize the relationship that you have to the color and the color has to it's environment. If you still feel good about it, make it a part of your home in a BIG way, don't be afraid to spread it around, think of it as spreading cheer! The color that I chose in my living area started with a candle that was a gift to me and that I couldn't stop thinking about the colors and the shading and I started to notice it everywhere, and every time I saw it, it made me smile! It gave me the confidence to spread it generously, even with my contractor, second guessing my decision.

Colors Used: Different shades of lime green

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