Plugging In: A New Lease on Life - Wire Control Help Needed!

Plugging In: A New Lease on Life - Wire Control Help Needed!

Feb 1, 2008

We've been delayed a bit in updating regarding the move because we got the flu during the move, and we didn't have a memory card reader for our digital camera. We solved the digital camera card reader issue, and we've been getting settled.

I have something I need your help with, because it's a problem I don't understand, except to commiserate with Dooce and fans who also confessed to the same issue when we featured Dooce's Behind the Blog....she wrote:

I share this workspace with my very tall, lumbering husband, and he has this mysterious disease that causes a cloud of cables and random phone chargers to hover around him at all times. But the office is big enough that only occasionally does one of those cables wander over and wrap itself around my ankle.

However, it's not confined to an office (we don't have one): it ends up all over our living room. Putting things away neatly and applying the very cord solutions we've discussed here only lasts a few days, and then they're a mess. The picture above isn't posed, it's an organic picture I just paused to take. J claims the situation is hereditary because his sister also doesn't care about cords, just throws them behind the media stand. However, our TV bench is an open design, and therefore, nothing is being hidden behind it--at least not much.

Is there anything I can do to help rectify this situation? Can any of you reformed cord mongers tell us how you changed your ways for the sake of sanity in the living room? (Do any reformed cord mongers exist??)

Part of it is the shear volume of cords. It took a large rolling suit case and multiple "organizing" boxes to move the cords--and only cords--from the old apartment to the new one. Some are super-long extension cords because of the lack of grounded outlets our old place had, but that wasn't ever the issue. I'm going to attempt to weed out the useless ones once we're a little more settled, but J loves to have options in case he ever needs a certain type.

Another part of it is because our media setup is both semi-portable (using the laptop hooked up to the TV/amplifier to watch shows and movies), expandable (karaoke, anyone?), and home grown (3 pairs of speakers around the apartment that came from three different sources, for example).

Can anyone help me??

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