NOW on Financing Energy Retrofits in Cambridge, MA

NOW on Financing Energy Retrofits in Cambridge, MA

Jonathan B.
Mar 31, 2008

We're glad to see that some smart folks in Cambridge, Massachusetts are finding a way to help people pay for green renovations...

[video link after the jump]

They crunched the numbers and realized that 80% of Cambridge's carbon emissions come from buildings. We know energy efficiency isn't glamorous, but with that percentage, it's key to effective strategies to reduce greenhouse gases. The Cambridge Energy Alliance comes into your home or business, finds ways to reduce your energy bills by 15 to 30%, then gives you a loan that will pay for the improvements.

The message is quite simple: rather than waiting for a far-off technological fix, simply waste less. And the bonus? We can do it right now. There's a further bonus: by helping finance these projects, the city is also helping to create jobs at a time when the housing market is hurting -- no bailout needed.

Watch the video at the NOW website.

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