New Software Lets You Calculate Carbon Footprint Via Phone

New Software Lets You Calculate Carbon Footprint Via Phone

Sonia Zjawinski
Oct 24, 2008

There's been a lot of talk about carbon footprints, but who the heck has time to calculate their own? Sure we all know we contribute, but we're not about to plug in how many miles we drove this week and where we flew to this year into software that will then calculate our damage. We're much to lazy, which is why we were interested in a new mobile phone software that does all the data plugging while you plug away at your day.

Carbon Diem, planned for launch next spring, runs on user's GPS-enabled cell phone and figures out how you're getting on at any given moment. Using an algorithm, the software measures the the speed and pattern of your movements to deduce what you're using as transportation. Whether you're on foot, car, bus, train or airplane, it knows...

A daily and weekly chart lets you know what your damage is. You can either brag to your friends about your miniscule footprint or finally decide to make some serious changes. One complaint, especially with us Yankees, is that the software doesn't know when you're carpooling, which is an important way to minimize your footprint if there's no other option than driving.

Carbon Diem has been tested with Nokia and Blackberry phones and is almost 100% accurate in knowing when people are on airplanes or trains, and between 65-75% accurate at guessing when people are on buses.

The Guardian notes that, "Zachariah said he had the idea for Carbon Diem when he tried to work out his own carbon footprint using the many online calculators available. These usually involve manually entering the details of type of transport and the length of a journey. 'The whole process is so painful," Zachariah said. "That's when I realised it had to be effortless.'"
photo: The Guardian

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