Look!: Kitchen Counter Compost Chute

Look!: Kitchen Counter Compost Chute

Feb 26, 2008

Not to brag, but San Francisco and Alameda counties have pretty awesome recycling programs. We get a big barrel for recycling (no sorting required!), a small barrel for trash (that we often don't fill up on a weekly basis) and a great big green barrel for kitchen scraps and greens. The county even dropped off a nifty mini green container for our kitchen. It worked for a while, but we're lazy and klutzy and we get tired of the mess we make while transferring scraps from chopping board to bin. Did we mention we're lazy? We think we may have found a nice solution to our *ahem* issues...check below the jump for more details.

We're in the midst of random home renovations and have stuck this in the kitchen file. All you need is a piece of butcher block with a decent size hole cut out. The scraps get pushed from the cutting board straight in to the bin below the counter. Just make sure you can lift the board out for washing up. We would also recommend coming up with a clever way to cover the opening to avoid fruit-fly mayhem and general food scrap stink...

image from Domino, July/August 2006

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