LA Spring Cure O8: Week 3 – Keeping the Outside World at Bay

LA Spring Cure O8: Week 3 – Keeping the Outside World at Bay

Abby Stone
Mar 24, 2008

Sparklerawk made a delicious breakfast.

Three weeks in. Wow! You guys are doing well and making progress. Don't forget to tag your photos with "ApartmentTherapyCureLA" and upload them to the flickr pool so we can find you easily. Link your photos to us when you comment and keep us updated on your progress.

This week's focus is on two things that will really make a huge difference: colour and organization.

More, including your weekly "to do" list, after the jump.

We're loving DesignerBee's bed. Her new green sheets and her green shams from West Elm definitely say Spring!

For Everyone: Keep buying flowers. Try a new variety, a new placement, or a new vase this week. We want flowers to become a habit with you.
We'll look at color and how it can bring a room together, taking it from blah to ah!

Deep Treatment: Here the focus is on the entranceway and what we here at AT call the "landing strip." This is an amazing tool for organizing your daily life, filtering out the outside world, cutting down on junk mail and keeping clutter from creeping inside and taking over your home!

One Room Workout: If you're doing the one room workout, deepen your research online, work with color and call on your "peeps" for help. When looking for resources online, remember that we were originally designed to provide listings to stores, services and products in the GUIDE. If you are having trouble finding something, you need a good reference, or you have a problem, send in the question to us at la(at)apartmenttherapy(dot)com and we'll try to answer it here.

Pep Talk: From our own experience, things will get messy and disorganized before they come together. We'll suggest a tip here from an old-school resource and advise you to break your project down into small segments that you can accomplish in fifteen minutes or, at the max, an hour. We sometimes use a timer to tell us when to stop so we don't burn out. Keep the focus on one project at a time and don't let the size of your Outbox overwhelm you. It's a temporary catch-all. Look at how great everything else is looking! And use your camera to help you out. Not only to post pictures (we want to see how you're doing) but it's also a good way to get an objective viewpoint of your space.

We love that SanDiegoAT's put flowers in her bathroom and also how she's repurposed old bottles as vases.

To Do This Week (Deep Treatment):

  • Vacuum or dust mop your entire apartment

  • Clean and declutter your entrance. (Move all the old mail, catalogues and magazines from all over your apartment or house to the Outbox.)

  • Arrange to have all repairs taken care of over the next three weeks.

  • Identify cool room and warm rooms and apply the 80/20 color rule.

  • Cook two meals at home this week.

  • Design an invitation to your housewarming.

To Do This Week (One Room Workout):

  • Research your shopping list (use our online resources).

  • Research and call in help.

  • Determine cool room and warm rooms and apply the 80/20 colour rule.

  • Determine if window treatments are necessary.

To Look Forward To: Next week, the halfway point (already!), we'll be tossing stuff from the Outbox and going shopping!

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