Bed Bath & Beyond's Ultra Slim Flocked Hangers: In the Test Lab

Bed Bath & Beyond's Ultra Slim Flocked Hangers: In the Test Lab

Aug 12, 2008

Product: Ultra Slim Flocked Hangers
Source: Bed Bath & Beyond
Price: A set of 10 for $9.99 or a set of $50 for $39.99
Rating: Weak Recommend*

Nutshell Review: Remember these? Funny that Leslie should post about them just as we were giving them a go in our closet... and what did we think? Eh, they're okay. We wouldn't have splurged without the 20% off coupon, can't say we regret the switch as it did give us more space in our cramped closet but we're not sure the non-slip flocking is such a great thing after all.

Full Review: When we first saw the size of our small closet in our new place we thought, "There's no way we can fill this!" One year and 15 organizational giveaway clean-outs later and we're wishing we had a coat closet. The hangers we had were a mess... some plastic, some wooden; all acquired through free-bins, friends and dry-cleaners. So when we got our coupon in the mail we thought it was time for our closet to grow-up and get organized.

our closet before

We dove straight in for the box of 50 thinking that it all or nothing. We started with the winter coat and fancy dress side of our closet as that's the area that needs the most "slimming down". We have to say, after switching all of the hangers out that there is more room there. We were skeptical that the hangers would make a difference (rather than say, getting rid of clothes!) but it's true. There's more space there. On the down side, when we moved over to the tops and cardigans, the flocking was kind of obnoxious. It was harder to get our shirts to sit properly on the hanger so that the clothes would hang correctly. We do like the non-slip feature for our slippery camisoles and shirts with silky fabrics. However at the end of the day, we haven't rushed back to get a second set to complete the transformation and the box is still sitting in our room. We don't think they're going back but we haven't quite committed....

slimmed and flocked: much more pleasing to our inner organizational dork

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