How To: Remove Urine from Dirt

How To: Remove Urine from Dirt

Laure Joliet
Aug 7, 2008
The Parker Hotel has a great garden with sandy paths, ours is similar but has a problem...
We've been wanting to take advantage of having a garden this summer and really sprucing it up (a little late, we know but summer can last well into September in LA) so that we can entertain and get away without leaving home. We have a tiny problem though: most of the neighborhood cats have been using the garden as their personal litter box.

The main issue? The garden is covered in course sand like at the Parker in Palm Springs. All this does is solidify for the cats that it must be for them. So we're past the point of being able to use cinnamon to deter the kitties, we have to get serious. We've started breaking up the sand and have pulled out all of the 'chunks' we've found and thrown them away. We're planning a planting bed, so a lot of the sand needs to be spread out over the garden or simply disposed of. Here's the plan:

• We've put the 'toxic sand' in the sun, to just bake, after all it works for pillows.

• We read that spreading citrus oils or peels helps to lessen and eventually eradicate the odor of urine, but we really can't take any chances so we plan to spray it all down with Nature's Miracle, and we mean saturate it.

• Then we'll do it again.

• Then we'll let it bake.

• Then, hopefully it'll be remedied and we will cover the ground with cinnamon to deter any future mishaps.

If you have anything to add to this, please feel free, it's a dirty job so the faster it gets taken care of, the better.

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