Good Neighbors: When A Tree Falls in Pasadena...

Good Neighbors: When A Tree Falls in Pasadena...

Grace Shu
Mar 17, 2008

Last night, we had a HUGE wind storm in Pasadena. It was pretty intense (I had to take my puppy out three times in it, and kept looking at the electrical wires hanging above my head and telling her to hurry it up). Because the wind was so loud, I didn't even hear the tree fall (insert joke here). So, when my neighbor rang my doorbell this morning with references to tree maintenance people, he got to witness my initial reaction. "You didn't even know, huh?" he laughed while I just sputtered in shock.

[ View from my front door ]

With a great deal of patience, my neighbor showed me past invoices of people he's used before to maintain his trees; and his opinion of what I should do. "Call the city first, there's a street lamp that's been knocked down so there might be exposed wires. Plus, the tree is in the road, so it might be under their jurisdiction. But if you do have to call your own maintenance people, here are three different companies."

Now, while I'm so happy and relieved that this huge tree didn't sway the other way and crush my house; I'm equally happy and relieved that I live next door to someone who truly is a good--no, GREAT--neighbor.

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