Food Chain Friends

Food Chain Friends

Tammy Everts
Nov 19, 2008

"They're friends. They eat each other. It's a complicated relationship." Meet the Food Chain Friends. If you know a child who always wants to know who eats what (or who eats whom), and why, a set of these award-winning hungry plushies might make an ideal gift.

Available in sets from various prairie and forest habitats on Daro (a small green planet with a primitive Earth-like atmosphere), these toys aren't just cute: they're also educational, teaching children about ecosystems in a non-scary way. For example, here's a description of the unusual dynamic between three prairie inhabitants:

The Fraaky, the tiniest creature of the Daro prairie, scurries to and fro, bonking into things and feasting on dust too small to see with the naked eye. His best friend and main predator is Skitter, with whom he loves to play a great game of tag.

The Skitter is similar to the Earth rabbit in size. He likes to hop to great heights, but often bops his head on low hanging branches. His large ears allow him to hear things miles away. His favorite pal is the Sleeth, with whom he likes to play hide-and-seek.

The Sleeth is a slug, snake like creature that slithers through the tall Daro grass. He loves to play games and can often be seen chasing his own tail! He eats anything in sight, especially the Fraaky!

Sets vary in price from $24.95 to $54.95 at Odd Doll

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