Benkatine Turbine by Leviathan Energy

Benkatine Turbine by Leviathan Energy

Regina Yunghans
Mar 10, 2008

Power your house with your toilet. When you flush and water rushes through the drainage pipes, the idea is that the Benkatine Turbine would turn that motion into electric energy...

The Benkatine Turbine by Leviathan Energy isn't so far out there. As explained by Inhabitat:

There is nothing really new here, after all, rushing water is the basis of all hydroelectric power. It is the location and scale of this system (ie. in your toilet!) that makes it such an innovative product. According to the company, the turbine is intended to be scalable, meaning that it can work well in both municipal water and sewer systems, as well as in smaller pipes such as residential drainage and guttering systems.

Cool green idea, right? We just can't wait until these are standard in every home. Via: Inhabitat and Wired.

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