5 Tips to Beat Jet Lag

5 Tips to Beat Jet Lag

Rebecca Orlov
Aug 7, 2008

Traveling cross country in a weekend can be pretty exhausting and a mini-jet lag feeling may set in on your body. Most of us book our trips for right after the whistle blows Friday, returning well after the sun sets on Sunday - showing up at work bright eyed Monday morning is not always easy.

Here are a few tips to get rid of that jet lag feeling and give you the energy to make the most out of and get through the few days before you can adventure off again on another fun weekend getaway.

Tip 1: Re-sync your internal body clock. Try to get to sleep at a normal time for the new time zone that you are in.

Tip 2: Rehydrate by drinking water and juice. Lay off the caffeine if you can, this will only dehydrate you more.

Tip 3: Reset your watch. Mentally this will help you adjust to your new timezone.

Tip 4: Keep going! Once you arrive at your weekend destination, keep on going and enjoy your day. Avoid taking naps. You'll catch up on your sleep that night when you re-sync your body clock.

Tip 5: Try eating cherries! Cherries are a super-fruit, rich in antioxidants - including melatonin - which scientists say may improve the body's natural sleep patterns.

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