5 Things Cluttering up the Bathroom

5 Things Cluttering up the Bathroom

Laure Joliet
Mar 11, 2008

Having just moved, I had a chance to take another look at everything I was hanging onto in the bathroom and all that I could let go of. Ironically I still moved it all and decluttered once I was in the new place. From this experience, I offer to you 5 things to get rid of to make the bathroom feel better:

• Expired Makeup. I don't wear that much makeup but I have a bunch 'just in case' that I never ever use. Oh yeah and I think it's 6 years old. Time to toss it.

• Ratty old washcloths. These belong in the dust rag pile not on my face.

• Blowdryer. I have one. I do not use it. I have curly hair that even a diffuser is not nice to. If I want it straight, I have a flat iron. You might need a blowdryer but maybe there's something else you're hanging on to that really, you don't use. Donate it.

• Practically empty bottles in the shower. This is my main offender. I like to spend money on nice shampoos and conditioners and the result is that I'm afraid to use them up and not have them anymore. But in the spirit of decluttering and the wisdom of my father: you have to empty the glass before you can fill it again. So I'm going to finish off those bottles and then recycle them.

The same thing goes for products you've bought but you never really liked so they just sit there taking up space. Especially if they were expensive they seem impossible to get rid of (oh the guilt). Use that shampoo you don't like to clean your hairbrush or the toilet or the bathtub (it's great at getting the ring around the bathtub off) or give it to a good friend that you know will like it. Get it out of there.

• When I switched the color scheme in the bathroom from green to blue, I held on to the green towels and rug for a while but then I went ahead and let them go, I donated them to an animal shelter. I don't need 10 towels in the linen closet, but that's just me. I need 2 on the rack and 2 in the closet.

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