5 Step Recipe For The Perfect Wii Party

5 Step Recipe For The Perfect Wii Party

Gregory Han
Mar 27, 2008

There's nothing like a good ol' Wii party for the upcoming weekend. Pop out the controllers, some finger snacks, and sodas and you've got yourself a great time. Feel like setting one up, but don't have a checklist? No worries, we've got you covered...

It's always better to come prepared, and we're here to help. The following are just a few things that'll get you off and running, from getting the Wii plugged in to snacks, the rest is up to your imagination.

Step 1: Set the scene
Have a house with a big enough living room so everyone can relax and ready themselves for some Wii action. Get the coffee table out to make lots of room in front of the TV for all those swinging Wiimotes.

Step 2: Plan ahead
The number of seats and the amount of food you'll have to provide, as well as the types of games all depends on the number of people you plan on inviting. For example, a two player game for a crowd of 8 would may not work very well. Make sure to schedule for 3-4 hours of gameplay.

Step 3: Choose games
Choose primarily party games. Make sure to have a handful of titles that work with multiple players. Many players have not touched the Wii before and may be easily confused, so choose games that are easy to pick up and play.

Step 4: Serve food
Pick foods that don't make a mess. Chips may seem like the perfect choice for parties, but they get controllers slippery (and send them flying if they forget to use the straps). Fruits and vegetables served with ranch are always nice. Go fondue if you want to get fancy. Mii shaped cake, anyone?

Step 5: Prep the characters, have fun!
Personalize your party. Walk guests through the Mii process and make sure everyone gets a turn. Play music and have areas for conversation as everyone gets their characters ready. Once you're all set up, fire up the Wii, and let the games begin!

*One last idea that can take your Wii (or Guitar Hero/Rock Band party for that matter) is providing prizes. People's competitive streaks comes to the forefront when there's a prize to be had, and that ho-hum, relaxed friend in the corner can suddenly turn into the most passionate Wii Tennis player this side of Nasty Nastase (short, shorts optional).

[top photos: Oscalito and Michael_L]


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